In December, Delon Musselman was recognized as an Asset Champion after many years of dedicated support to Faribault youth. Faribault Youth Investment, known as FYI, routinely recognizes community members, youth or adults, for their efforts to promote the 40 Developmental Assets as they interact with young people. Assets are considered the “building blocks” to a healthy and successful growing up experience and are needed by all Faribault youth.

According to the nomination, Delon is the epitome of an asset champion. He is caring and kind in his efforts to empower young people to be the best they can be. He stresses the importance of young people serving others, valuing differences among people and doing well in school.

Musselman was a teacher in the Faribault Public Schools for 34 years, serving most years at the Faribault Area Learning Center. Now, as a retired educator, Delon continues to build assets among young people at the Faribault Middle School. The “Hello Campaign’ is focused on the power of noticing and greeting every student. He recruits adult volunteers who greet students during lunch periods helping to create a warm and welcoming environment. With positive modeling, young students learn a way to express friendliness and caring with their peers.

Carolyn Treadway, who nominated Musselman, wrote, “Delon has made it his lifelong passion to help Faribault teenagers find their place at school and in the community.” He is known for his Garfield Garden project which involves young gardeners in beautifying the community. Treadway also noted “Talking Circles”, a social-emotional strategy which aids youth in developing and maintaining positive social skills. According to Treadway, “Circles create safe spaces and build connections between youth. De helps youth express themselves in ways that are productive, help them feel ‘heard’ and resolve conflict.”

The Faribault Youth Investment Board accepts nominations for Asset Champions at any time. Community members are encouraged to recommend Champions using the simple form on the organization’s website at

Faribault Youth Investment (FYI) is dedicated to the success of young people in the Faribault area and is anchored by the 40 Developmental Assets, a framework which outlines the building blocks of healthy youth development. Faribault Youth Investment aims to increase the community’s capacity for providing a supportive “growing up” environment for all youth by convening multiple sectors in collaborative efforts.